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to create Pocket Account


Download the Pocket App on the App Store, Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

Sign Up

Open the app and click on the “Sign Up” button. Enter your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Enjoy Benefits

Receive personalized updates on new rewards, campaigns, and more. It’s free to join, so don’t miss out on the benefits of being a loyal member.

There are two ways to collet coins

How to redeem the Pocket Coins? 

Redeem coins to enjoy special offers, discounts, and coupons at every affiliated store. 

Choose your preferred rewards

Exchange reward vouchers on Pocket

Present voucher’s QR to the merchant

Your Rewards


We want to help in any way we can. You can ask us anytime or we’ve answered the most-asked questions 
What is Pocket?
Pocket is a digital lifestyle platform aimed to introduce the exclusive customer loyalty program for people of Myanmar. Partnering with businesses from various industry sectors, we strive to establish a platform that connects our customers and provides value beyond shopping experience.
How does it work?
You will earn coins by making purchases at the affiliated stores/shops and use the coins you’ve earned for the redemptions of the rewards which customized for you.
How to create an account?
You can create an account through Pocket App by only entering your name, phone number, and other details information.
Is there a joining fee?
You can join for free by simply creating an account on Pocket App, no additional joining fee is needed.
How to collect coins?
Coins will be awarded for every transaction you have paid for at the participating outlets/stores and coins will be credited starting from minimum spending of 100 MMK.
How to redeem the coins?
You can redeem coins to enjoy special offering, free gifts, and other special benefits available for you at every affiliated outlets/stores. Coins are usable after every 100 collected.
Where can I check my coins balance?
Your coin balance can be checked on your Pocket account anytime & anywhere with valid internet connection. You can also ask the cashier or see on your receipt after purchase.
How shall I do to earn bonus coins?
The users may earn bonus coins during his or her birthday and from wining campaigns such as rewards campaign, gamification campaign, referral campaign and stamp campaign.
I forgot to use Pocket at the time of payment. Can I still get coins for that transaction?
It is compulsory to present your Pocket QR code at the time of payment to have coins credited to your account. Unfortunately, we cannot credit coins after the time of payment.
What if the coins are not credited to my account from the transaction?
If the coins are not credited to your account, please contact Pocket Hotline 09-777400444 and give us all the information of purchase (date, time, place of purchase, amount) and receipt number. We will examine the transaction and help you with the re-crediting process at the earliest.
Can I get the coins for earlier purchases if I have the receipts saved?
Unfortunately, coins cannot be awarded for purchases made prior to joining the Pocket program. Furthermore, once a transaction has been completed without presenting your account during the payment process, coins cannot be added to the Pocket account. We strongly encourage our customers to present their Pocket account to the cashier before they pay for their purchase.
Can the coins be converted to cash?
The coins are inconvertible. They can be used for your next transaction in the place of cash. For e.g.: for every 100 points earned, you can use them to pay for any valid reward exchange.
I didn’t purchase anything, and my coins seem to have been deducted. What happened?
Please check the History section of the app for an explanation or contact pocket Hotline at 09-777400444 in such a case. Please further note that all coins carry an expiry date of one year from date of accrual and your coins may just have expired.
Where can I find the nearest outlets/stores to my location to earn/burn coins?
You can use Pocket App to look for the nearest shops. Login to your account, click on ‘Discover’ section from the menu bar in the footer. You might need to keep location services like GPS on for correct information to load, so please ensure you switch on your data.
Where can I check the available Rewards?
The available Rewards are shown in “Rewards” section of your Pocket account and the detailed description are mentioned. Reward items may include discounts, stamp cards, coins, and gift vouchers.
How to redeem my Rewards?
You can redeem the Rewards at every participating store/outlet at any time. Please make sure that you have enough Pocket coins to redeem E-Voucher rewards and show your E-voucher to cashier and enjoy the rewards.
How long are the Rewards valid for?
All rewards seen inside your Pocket account are subject to the timelines, terms, and conditions of the issuing merchant. Please check the fine print on each of them to know more. They vary in nature depending on their issuance.
Why I can’t use my rewards?

As every reward purchased has a validity date, you can only tap the “Get Voucher” button when a reward is valid. Expired Rewards will not be eligible for redemption anymore. In case the Reward is still within its validity period, please contact Pocket Hotline at 09-777400444.

What is "Catalog" Section in Pocket Account?
“Catalog” section allows users to browse available rewards in one place. It is commonly used for seasonal promotions and categorized by participating entities.
What can I do with History in my account?
The Transaction History in the account is where you can see the activity of the transactions you made, which displayed how many points you have earned or used, the rewards and redemption you have claimed. With this feature, you would further know if any suspicious activity has been conducted with your account.
What does Leaderboard present in my account?
Leaderboard display the names and current scores of leading participants in a game and show their ranking.
How many accounts can I sign up for?
Every pocket account is mapped to a primary mobile phone. Every identification number can only have 1 account, except for loss-and-recreated accounts.
I left my phone at home. How do I get the coins?
In case you have forgotten your phone at home, there is no way to use your coins without the presence of a website. Hence, there is no way to use or redeem your coins without presenting your account. If you have another hardware (laptop or tablet), you may log into your account to collect the coins. If you do not have extra hardware, please ask the store assistant to manually add coins to your account by presenting details account information (Name, Mobile Number) from your end.
Can I change the phone number I registered with when I signed up?
As this process is privacy-sensitive, to deter unwanted use of your information, we could only assist by changing it for you after a verification process. Please contact pocket Hotline on 09-777400444.
I can’t get access to my account.
Please make sure that you have a working internet connection. Also, please make sure your pin number and phone number are correct. If the account is still not accessible, contact our Pocket Hotline at 09-777400444.
I forgot my PIN. What should I do?
If you forgot your pin number, please follow these steps on Login Page: Forgot Pin >> Type Country Code, Mobile Number >> OTP send to your number and check your SMS >> Enter New Pin, Confirm New Pin. Follow the instructions from there.
What is Referral Benefit?
Referral allows the referrer to earn a reward whenever their referee use Referral Code or customized to benefit both referrer and referee respectively.
If I want to send a referral code to a friend, what do I need?
You need to go to the Profile >> Refer a friend >> Click Share Referral Code >> Share via social media platforms or SMS that your friend uses because this process will go through Pocket.

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